Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

ps take a look at you tube "golite poncho tarp"
can't believe a guy has got an adventure medical kit heatsheet bivvy the same as mine. am I living in a parallel universe?

pics of TGO challenge & tour de mont blanc coming soon!

Golite Poncho

bought a Golite poncho tarp not long ago that does as it says so you have two things in one all for 177 g 7.5 oz will have pics of it in the garden soon.
will be using/testing it this weekend with a balloon bed & 3 oz. survival bag if it gets bad!

Monday, 29 March 2010

Lilo's World

Welcome to Lilo's World

Went to Llanberis mountain film festival recently with trish and stayed in a nice B&B in Nant peris.
Our favourite films were "Cranked Revolve" about really radical mountain biking off cliff edges and over high level runways/ramps doing loops and gravity defying feats etc.

and "Birdman of the Karakorum" which is John Sylvester's paragliding film in the himalayas, catching thermals with his tandem partner who was filming the whole thing. and was scraping the cliff edges trying to find lift into unknown places. flying around 25,000 feet.
I was fortunate enough to speak to him at the show having previously met him at the paragliding world championships, Verbier swiss.